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A typical story (a composite of a number of client stories)

The challenge:

Jeff and Susan (not their real names to protect their privacy) came to us because they felt like they needed help regarding their relationship. They spoke of how it started off well when they were focused on each other. But then as life got busier with their careers and kids, they somehow felt less connected. Their conversations gradually became quite superficial, focusing primarily around their work and their children. They’d lost connection and were becoming more irritable toward each other. Over the last 6 months they’d had a couple of major blow ups and they both realised it was not looking good and that they needed help around this.

What we did:

We listened carefully as they talked their issues through. We were then able to help them find a satisfactory way forward by offering them well-informed insights. We helped them discover more about their own personalities and the key skills needed to communicate with each other more effectively. They came to understand more about who they were as individuals and how to value their differences in the relationship.

The outcome:

Over several sessions both Jeff and Susan felt that they grew in understanding of each other and were able to start to reconnect.

They felt calmer around each other and their communication became clearer and more genuine.

3 Crucial lessons for Jeff and Susan:

  • Life gets busy, requiring intentional time and understanding to remain connected and focused on your partner.
  • With deliberate action, initial affection and attraction can be rediscovered again.
  • Drifting apart does not always mean that it’s over – it may mean that you just need to redirect your attention.